Bradford Grid

Bradford lies in a shallow but distinctive basin. You can see the surrounding countryside from its centre and you can see the centre from the surrounding countryside.

This gives the city its own special dynamic, contained and human-sized, in contrast to the urban sprawl of other northern cities such as Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.This project integrates portraiture with landscape photography to explore the incidental beauty found in Bradford’s heart and at the city’s edge.

Through my melancholic observations, I aim to produce a collage of images pieced together to articulate my feelings about this city, about this country and about inequality. In spite of the problems, this work searches for the beauty amongst the chaos and aims to rejoice in the city, shabby and unkempt in parts but distinctive in its identity.

These images may be made in Bradford but they ask questions about how we value the country as a whole. They seek neither to romanticise, nor make victims of the people who are making a living and getting by.